Imagine we told you you could have one central device in your home that’s connected to all the other devices in the house. The X-Brain smart device makes this reality. It allows you access to everything through one centralized app, rather than forcing you to juggle a half-dozen different apps from disparate manufacturers. This device can connect with other devices via Z-Wave, Bluetooth and WiFi. With our device, the cables that compromised the look of the interior of your house a clutter of wires will become  history. Life in the house will become harmonious because all devices work according to your needs and your wishes. The X-Brain will intelligently execute all your commands, ease your mind, and raise your home ambience to a higher level. That’s exactly what the X-Brain is – a smart device for managing the entire house.

Why the X-Brain smart device?

Because, your home will be more modern, you will have more free time, more comfort, more safety energy savings and most importantly a secure home.It controls all devices connected to it, simply and easily via mobile phone, tablet or remote.
X-Brain takes care and controls all functions in the apartment, home, business space, hotel and any other facilities intended for people.

This device Solves all your problems and worries, by taking control of all devices in the home- (controls blinds, regulates temperature, ventilation, lighting, prevents flood or fire, raises safety your house to a greater level, converts your free time to entertainment time) . X-Brain will control them all, with just one click at your command, no matter how far you are away from home. The power of managing all your devices is at your fingertips.

The X-Brain is a big advantage for the household because it will enable the display of the energy consumption of each device which it controls. With just one click you will save electricity and turn off the large energy consumers taking pressure off the grid.

Monitor whats happening at home even while you’re at work, at the gym even while on vacation you will receive a report or warning if something goes wrong. Giving you the ability to always be connected.

We know that our device will transform your home into your strongest ally. If you want to refine and elevate your home to a superior level of comfort and ease the everyday life, you will achieve that with the X-Brain device .

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