The X-Brain Device to protect you from Cyber Attacks.The Internet has become a huge part of our lifestyle, especially when it comes to the younger generation, but older users are also heavily influenced by digital technology. Nowadays, children as well as adults, cannot imagine life without the Internet. Modern technologies have speeded up and facilitated communication, the flow of information, connected people around the world, wiped out the distance…

There is no doubt that all of this has brought many benefits, but it certainly carries the hidden dangers with it. Before we dive into the realm of the Internet, It is important that children and parents learn how to protect themselves from the “dark side of the internet”. Over 90 percent of Internet users (in the world and in our country) usually arbitrarily use the Internet for fun and out of boredom. Considering that basically, parents are not that much familiar with all the aspects of the Internet, they are not able to guide their children on how to use the Internet the right way.

Some of the dangers that usually threaten children on the Internet, and which we were warned about, by almost all media in recent years are:

  1. Cyber abuse
  2. Child pornography
  3. Pedophilia
  4. Internet addiction

No Internet user is protected from all cyber-theft, nor of cyber-violence and cyber-pornography. While the adults are responsible for their recklessness themselves, the effects on children can be catastrophic because only a small number of children uses the Internet for the purpose of education. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the youngest population. All Internet users should be aware of the dangers that lurk online. There is always the danger that someone might hack your e-mail and read your messages, and some much more serious things such as cyber- attacks where hackers can completely empty your bank accounts, so when surfing the Internet always be extra careful!

We are offering you an ideal solution, X-Brain smart device. X-Brain contains cyber security that will protect your network and prevent the various kinds of cyber-attacks. With its advanced options, this device provides its users with full security and safety on the Internet. X-Brain security will shield you from harmful contents on the internet, hackers, viruses, explicit contents and online fraud. It will turn your internet surfing into a real entertainment. All devices inside your home that are connected to the X-Brain network will be completely safe, and you will be able to control them. X-Brain contains the parental control that has the option of restricting the internet for a certain period of time. This is yet another of the many options that this amazing device provides you.

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