Vacation season has started, which means that many apartments and houses are left unattended, so they become a potential target for burglars. Given the fact that during the summertime, breakings into flats and houses increase, it’s important to provide an additional security measures in order to protect them from potential intruders.

No matter for how long you plan to be away from home, it’s important to secure your home on time. There is no lock that cannot be opened, but any additional feature you activate, such as the alarms, sensors and the like, makes it harder for burglars to accomplish their goal.

The sound of the alarm increases burglar’s fear of being caught and this hinders his criminal intentions. With intruder’s entrance in your house, you will not only lose valuable things, but also the sense of security in your own home. All those who have experienced it, claim that the sense of uneasiness and fear lingers long after such an unpleasant event.

The “smart” security system in your house is the most reliable way of protection against burglary. The alarm in combination with smart sensors and video surveillance…. together they make one impenetrable system and a very important thing that you should install in your home or office. It’s even more important to note that you should connect the entire security system (the alarm, sensors, and cameras), to the X-Brain, for an additional security of your home.

X-Brain will control your security system and will give you a chance to monitor your entire home via your mobile phone. Wherever you may be, you’ll have your house in the palm of your hand. Some systems have the “protection from burglary” function, while others, combined systems, provide fire protection and protection against burglary. Both can connect to the X-Brain and completely secure your home.

Do not let anyone disturb and ruin your holiday. With the X-Brain your home will be under the watchful eye of 24/7.

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