Wireless Internet is extremely widespread nowadays, and because of its practicality, it is the user’s first choice. However, this type of connection has several disadvantages, one of the largest is the unauthorized use by other users. As today more and more of us use the wireless signal transmission, there are more people trying to take advantage of the situation and use the Internet for free.

With the X-Brain router, you will have an opportunity to check out all devices connected to the X-Brain internet and decide for yourself who will have the access.

Getting started

After installing and running the app, you will get a basic explanation on how to use it, as well as the option to scan your wireless network. When you scan the network, the table will appear, showing all the connected devices. It will show the MAC address, as well as the local IP address.  In case you notice any unauthorized device connected to your wireless home network, you can block it and add it to the blacklist. After that, for your own safety, open the router app on the X-Brain and set a more complex password.

Using the device manager option in the user interface you can check who else is connected to your network and you can also control each connected device. Restrict them the access or totally exclude them from the network, the choice is yours.

X-Brain has a built-in router for long range. Forget about losing wireless signal in your house and cover every single corner of your home with strong Wifi. X-Brain has a Dual Band WiFi (Wireless fidelity) antennas and provides the best possible experience.

Staying safe

X-Brain also contains cybersecurity that will protect your network and prevent the various kinds of cyber attacks. Read more :https://xunison.com/privacy-protection-and-how-to-stay-safe-online

Besides that, there is a parental control that will be used to limit and filter the internet content for your children.

With its advanced options, X-Brain device provides its users with full security and safety on the Internet. X-brain security will shield you from harmful contents on the internet, hackers, viruses, explicit contents and online fraud. You will truly enjoy stable wireless connection and uninterrupted surfing

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