about us-1about us-1XunisonXunison.com are a young vibrant company aiming to become the new leaders in the technology sector through our smart innovations, based in Ireland we work closely with China and customise quality software to provide smart home gateways, OTT boxes and virtual reality products.

Smart Home and VR are set to take the main stream in 2017 with smart home being ranked one of the top 5 googled words.

The future is NOW and its time to grab the bull by the horns, what if I told you ALL the devices in your life could be controlled by the simple touch of a button. And not just your smart phone, tablet or PC – ALL the devices in your life Doors, Doorbells, Heating systems, Clocks, Windows, Lighting systems become chief commander and put yourself in FULL control.

Sometimes if it sounds too good to be true it usually is – but Xunison offer you the ability to access all these devices and more 24/7 with a simple and easy to use system giving you access to all your home controls. Are you returning home from a hard day at the office and would love nothing more than a hot shower, have you left home and your worried you haven’t locked the doors? You can now control your home even while on the road.

Running a home can cost and arm and a leg from your monthly heating bill, your electricity bill, and especially home security. But we pay all of these bills why? For peace of mind.

Xunison provide flexible management of Lighting, Heating, Safety and Environment turning your whole home into a smart home with one easy step. Xunsion do all of this through our X brain

The Xunison X brain is compatible with all protocols Z wave, Zigbee 433mghz ,HDL buzzpro.

The X Brain will become the hub of the whole house, also acting as the main internet point while offering cloud storage from all your devices, parental control and allowing you to create a home security hub.

You will never fell more in control.

5 Ways Having A Smart Home Can Improve Your Life.

1. Secruity Control – The relief of never having to run out of the house late for work and realise you have forgotten your keys. In a smart home, your door automatically unlocks when you approach, and locks behind you when you leave. Since all smartphones have GPS sensing built in to them, all you need to do is to select your home location using the SmartThings app, install a smart lock, and… that’s it: no need to fumble around for keys when you’re carrying groceries or kids, because whenever you come and go from the area you’ve defined as “home.”

2. Automate Your Lighting System and Control it ‘’On The Go’’ where ever you are.

Everyone has tried to save money by switching to LEDs right? Well the next step sounds a lot more appealing.. well, because it is.

This really cool function will become a part of everyday life without you even noticing, for example you can automatically set your lights to come on and off when different things happen – lets say you wake every morning for work at 7am sharp, you can set your lights to slowly brighten when you want to wake. Allowing you to wake up gradually. If your out and remember you have left the bathroom light on, don’t stress it, you can turn it off with the touch of a button, same goes for if your out and decide you will be out longer than expected you can turn your lights on from where ever you are to make it look like some one is home.

3. Save money On Energy Bills – Who doesn’t want to save money, don’t we start every year with a super strict new budget, not anymore! With the Xunison smart home you will never have to dread your monthly bill again. You can set a smart thermostat – meaning you can adjust the the heating to come off and on at different times of the day, for example on the days when your really feeling the cold. Preset your heating and emersion and come home to a toasty house that’s been pre heated and of course hot water and you can do all this from your phone in one simple swipe.

4. AFFORDABLE secure your home – every one wants to feel safe in their own home, that much foes without being said, but not every one can afford top of the range security systems. Get alerts direct to your mobile phone if a window or door has opened unexpectedly, lock and unlock your doors from where ever you are, and most of all become aware when your whole family is under the one roof. The Xbrain (because it acts as the internet router) will notify you when your whole family is under one roof and better yet when they leave. Welcome to the future your kids will never leave the house without your permission again.

5. Protect your family – sleep easy at night knowing your doing everything you can to protect your whole family. It may go unrecognized to them, but give you ultimate peace of mind. Monitor and control dangerous off-limit areas, get alerts direct to your mobile home if your children open drawers or presses that you see as a danger zone for example (the medicine cabinet) or the press where you keep your cleaning supplies because no parent wants to come home to a bleach spotted sofa do we? Or feel more secure about your children surfing the web, if you don’t want them visiting certain sites on the web can you control this – yes you can. You can also choose when the WIFI comes on and off because remember you need a smart home when dealing with smart children, make bed time actually bed time, not social media update time.

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