[Las Vegas, Nevada, 8th-11th January, 2019.] Xunison have independently designed and developed a highly integrated All-in-One smart home hub called the X-Brain, the x brain is an intelligent product that integrates a high-performance secure router, a home server, a Z Wave smart home and an Android TV operating system. X-Brain will be demonstrated in CES pavilion, booth #41917.

Xunison had the vision to enable customers full control with the help of only one smart device which adjusts depending on their mood, habits, desires, needs and wants. X-Brain smart device was designed to create a smarter living environment by combining multiple features into one smart device.

Xunison CES

X-Brain is a home automation hub that communicates with all the smart devices in your home or office for example, Door and Window Sensors, Motion Sensors, Surveillance Cameras and much more… It quickly becomes the central unit of the home making smart living made simple.

X-Brain smart device is compatible with Z-Wave, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices.

Besides allowing you to switch on and off any home device, whenever you want, no matter where you are, you can also achieve energy savings, by allowing the X-Brain to automatically take control over some devices. For example, if you let the X-Brain take care of the heating or air conditioning, this smart device will consider the electricity tariff and determinate when to turn them on or off, ensuring no energy is wasted.

It comes with a built-in wireless router that covers each corner of the premises with a strong signal, and also includes a firewall to protect the network and any smart home devices connected to it. It has a large capacity that allows it to connect and support a large number of devices and users.

The X-Brain operates as a hub for all zwave smart-home devices and and can manage home security, live television, On-Demand streaming such as Netflix and Hulu, IPTV with EPG (scheduled television programs and live guides), Internet-enabled apps, social media access, 360-degree camera streaming, etc.

About Xunison
Based in Ireland, Serbia,India and China, Xunison is a young and vibrant company who creates innovative and creative ideas in technology, developing both hardware and software from the ground up. Products include streaming devices, IPTV/OTT, smart home automation and home entertainment including white label services.