China (Hangzhou) Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition – European Division Qualifier

Date: 24 March 2018   |   Place:Dublin,Ireland

The Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held on March 24th in Dublin. The province of Zhejiang was aiming to attract outstanding overseas talents and teams with this competition.

In the qualifier of European Division participated over 10 teams where selected from UK and Ireland.

Our representatives Jum Qin (CTO) and Ryan O’Donovan (CEO) have successfully presented the Xunison Company at this competition. Pitching the X-brain smart device they won the first prize in qualifying and thus won the tickets for the global finals. All those who attended this event had the opportunity to see a presentation on the X-Brain device which is, we can say without false modesty, the cutting-edge technology product.

We are extremely proud that Xunsion won the first prize in such a competition because it is a further confirmation that the X-Brain represents a great innovation in the global market. We have no doubts that the X-Brain smart device will quickly find its way to new customers, who are the main source of Xunison’s inspiration. This award is a great incentive for the entire team to move forward and push the boundaries of innovation.

The company which wins the first prize in the global finals will receive 5 million CNY from the government, while the second and third place will get 2 million CNY each. In addition, the government will help the winning company to develop their business in Hangzhou, and will also help them get in touch with potential investors

We are hoping that the Xunison Company will repeat its success in the global finals which will take place in Hangzhou.