Fresh. Innovative. Xunison aims to make daily lives easier through cutting edge technology.

Xunison are an Irish based software and hardware development company based in Ireland we are a young vibrant company that aim to be always on the forefront of technological advancements. We offer a comprehensive array of smart products which include TV Boxes, VR Glasses (through a partnership with Dlodlo), Smart Home Devices, Home Security Devices, Smart Hubs and more to come. With our factory partners and software teams, we are able to build the software and firmware of all our devices from the ground up therefore introducing our customers to the future providing them products that can be integrated into everyday life with great ease.

Xunison have just introduced our new device the ‘X-brain’ which will act as the hub of the entire home, connecting to your TV it gives you the ability to connect all your smart devices managing daily life with ease, the X-brain will also act as your internet hub, provide you with all the latest apps for movies, live TV, gaming and much more. This ground breaking technology is the first of its kind.

Our goal is to create the ultimate living space through connecting smart devices together to perform specific functions and giving you full control over your home with just the touch of a button. Xunison put YOU in control. For instance, our home security system comprises sensors, alarms, computer, and other devices, and all will be controlled using the X-Brain. The future is here and Xunison aim to make the experience as enjoyable as possible with our super friendly and easy to use interface suitable for everyone in your house from grandparents to grandchildren.

What distinguishes Xunison from the rest is that we continuously adapt and innovate according to customer’s needs. We think in the customer’s perspective as we develop our products to deliver the best user experience for our clients. Xunison also provides a dedicated customer service team to assist you. Prospective clients, our team is always open to discuss your concerns and plans on using our products. If you are already our client, we are here to offer support and your feedback may also help us to offer even better services for you. Customer satisfaction is certainly important to us.

Xunison views partnership as a great opportunity to improve the quality of our products and we partner with the best to bring you the best. Our partners are mainly from the technology and entertainment industries, and they are among the market leaders of their respective sectors. We also establish partners worldwide to help us with supply and distribution. This extensive global network allows us to pick the best sources and deliver our products to the market quickly.

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