The new member spotlight is a new feature that spotlights one of our newest Alliance members and offers insight into why they joined the Alliance, their thoughts on Z-Wave generally and interesting work that they’re contributing to the smart home space. This issue we’re highlighting new member Xunison, a software and hardware development company based in Ireland. Ryan O’Donovan, CEO, offers his thoughts.

  1. Can you explain more about Xunison and your products?

Xunison is a software and hardware-based business that develops all of our own products in house and provides telecoms with an all-in-one solution for their consumer’s smart homes – The X-Brain. The X-Brain is a unique product that integrates a high-performance router, a home server, a Z-Wave smart hub and an Android TV operating system with a firewall and antivirus protecting the smart home from outside attacks, all built into a single smart device. The X-Brain gives users complete control over their smart home, while also providing built-in wireless service and providing support for network security monitoring, as well as on-demand streaming services, internet-enabled apps and more.

2. How do you incorporate Z-Wave technology into your products?

The X-Brain supports Z-Wave in the gateway functionality, making it a central hub for smart home devices. Users can easily add and manage Z-Wave devices and use the X-Brain platform as their only interface for their smart home system, instead of having to toggle between various apps. This includes support for smart home features like energy management or security.

3. Why did Xunison join the Z-Wave Alliance?

As the use of Z-Wave is a central proof point for the X-Brain, our flagship product, we wanted to be a part of all of the great work the Alliance is doing in the industry to garner interest and support for Z-Wave. We strongly believe that Z-Wave will continue to see growth and attention, and we want to be a part of that growth.

4. What are Xunsions’s goals for 2019 and beyond?

We’re excited to see a good amount of momentum and interest in X-Brain thus far in 2019. We met with producers from the cable network AMC at CES, who filmed a spotlight on X-Brain and mentioned it as a top smart home product to watch for. We’re also hearing from companies in cyber security, telecoms, retail and other emerging industries – so we’re excited to have the chance to work with them in the future. We believe strongly in the X-Brain as a unique product for the market and we’re looking forward to educating more customers on its benefits and really gaining some traction this year.

To learn more about Xunison, visit or watch our product video detailing X-Brain capabilities on YouTube.

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