X-Brain – Make Your Home Smarter and Safer

XBRAIN – All in One Smart Home Hub

X-Brain is an all in one smart home hub device, packed with many great features. Not only that it significantly improves your home security, it allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, watch live TV and many other things. It is an all in one smart home system with many great features.


The Internet of Things – You Are In Full Control of Your Home

With the help of X-Brain, you can connect all your devices to the internet and control them. But we’re not only talking about your smart phone and PC. It means that you can remotely control your locks, view your security cameras or even adjust the thermostat in your house. The list of options goes on and on! The Internet of Things technology has made it all easier. You just need to install our Xunison Smart Home App and it will act as a universal remote. Turn on your lights, play some of your favorite music, draw your curtains just by using your smart phone.



All devices are connected and you can access it even when you are far away from your home. The best thing is: it is very easy for anyone to use. Make your home safer with our smart home security system. Smart home security is more accessible than ever.


X-Brain – Built-in Router, Powerful Processor

X-Brain has a built-in router, 2 gigabytes of RAM and a powerful quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor, which means that it is reliable, quick and capable of doing everything you have always wanted! X-Brain runs on Android 7.0 OS, a very advanced version of Android, upgraded to perfection. It has everything you need to make your home even better.

Movies and TV Show Search Engine

X-Brain also has a powerful and easy-to-use search engine, which helps you find your favorite movies and TV shows. Make you your movie watching experience even better!


Live TV with EPG

Watching TV has never been this enjoyable. Explore all the possibilities that X-Brain has to offer and you will wonder how you have ever lived without it!





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