All-inclusive, easy-to-use connected life solutions… and no compromises

connected life solutions…
and no compromises

Say hello to Xunison

Choosing connectivity devices and smart home products usually requires compromises: low cost or high quality? Simplicity or capability? Flexibility or security? For Internet Service Providers, these compromises frustrate customers, burden your support team, and impact your bottom line.

Xunison makes the choice simple with BriteLink™, the end-to-end connectivity and smart home solution built with uncompromising quality, security, simplicity, and flexibility.

If you’re an ISP looking for high-growth, low-burden connected life solutions for your customers, say goodbye to compromise and say hello to Xunison.

BriteLink™ Suite:

All-inclusive routers,
cloud-based management, and convenient mobile/TV apps to make every home smarter and every customer happier.

Outstanding Connectivity

BriteHub™ routers offer fast, reliable Wi-Fi Mesh with an integrated smart home hub to ensure a great connectivity experience throughout the home.

BriteLink suite Cloud-Based Customer Managements

Choose your solutions

Smart home controls, energy management, home security, parental controls, streaming TV, and more, are all configurable and integrated.

Fast, Easy Customer Service

Our secure, cloud-based BriteCare™ management platform makes customer onboarding, support, and add-ons a breeze. Deliver better service with fewer truck rolls.

Choose Your Solutions

Add 5G, parental controls, home security, streaming TV, energy management, smart home accessories and even an online store …all integrated, customizable, and easy to deploy.

Simplified Control

Customers can configure, monitor, and manage their BriteLink™ services from their smartphones or Android TVs with our easy to use BriteKey™ app.

Learn more about BriteLink Solutions™ here.

Manageable smart home solutions to
grow revenue and loyalty.

The smart home market is booming but offering the wrong products can create havoc with inventory and blow up your support calls.
BriteLink™ turns smart home add-ons into smart business for ISPs.

No Hassle

We’ve eliminated the complexity of having too many single-purpose, incompatible devices to support. One BriteHub™ router does it all.


We’ve uncovered the blind spots that make it hard to resolve connectivity problems in the home. BriteCare™ lets you find and fix issues fast.


We’ve unlocked powerful consumer insights that help you differentiate your brand and increase touchpoints using our BriteKey™ mobile/TV app.

Learn more about the Xunison Difference here.

The BriteHub™
All-in-One Device

Uncompromising Quality, Security, Simplicity, and Flexibility…
Out of the Box.

Smart Home Hub icon

Smart Home

Z-Wave, ZigBee, BLE, and Wi-Fi Smart Home protocols

Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Technology

Wi-Fi 6 Mesh

The latest Wi-Fi 6 technology as a Mesh system

Smart Battery Camera Icon

Cloud DVR

Premium cloud video recording for all connected cameras

Manage device setup

Management Console

Manage device setup and configuration with our cloud-based platform

IoT Protection for smart Home

IoT Protection

Cyber Security, Parental Controls, and Smart Home protection

5g Support

5G Support

5G SIM slot to provide the highest internet speeds

BriteStore Online Store

Online Store

Enable shopping from TV screen or mobile app and increase revenue

Android TV OS

Android TV OS

Control all services from the TV screen

Forget the hassle of supporting a hodgepodge of “one-trick” boxes.

Forget the hassle
of supporting a
hodgepodge of
“one-trick” boxes.

Our BriteHub™ all-in-one router – built exclusively with Qualcomm chips – is configurable to support any combination of smart home and connected life services. Learn more.

To extend connectivity and control throughout the home, learn about our Wi-Fi Mesh satellites, smart plugs, sensors, and other smart home accessories here.


Your solution. Your brand. Our pleasure.

Custom Banding Smart Home devices by Xunison
Everything we make is designed to make your brand stronger. Customize the hardware labels, physical packaging, mobile app, e-Store, and more.

With our tailor-made solutions, your brand becomes the trusted household name for everything smart. Contact us to learn more about customization.

BriteKey Custom Branding Cloud-Based Customer Portal

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Xunison Smart Home Parental Control System
The biggest challenge for most parents is keeping their children safe from physical dangers and emotional harm. Parental Controls integrated into a high-quality smart home solution is one of the most popular features for subscribers who are raising “tweens” – adolescents and teens.

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