Xunison accessories

The smart connected home

The hardest part of any smart home is often the setup, connecting it to your network and enabling the perfect configuration for you. As we are the manufacturer and the software provider we are uniquely placed to remove all of these blockers and streamline the process completely. Simple pairing process, easy to follow scene and automations setup are easily accessible via our app.


Our range of accessories extends to around 40 additional devices, from video doorbell, outdoor, indoor cameras and a wide variety of sensors to allow a customer to enable a truly connected home.

DVR Video Doorbell

Our battery DVR video doorbell is an intelligent, combined camera and intercom providing the capability to monitor visitors to your home. Like other video doorbells, it allows you view who is at (or approaching) the door from wherever you are so you have plenty of time to assess whether it is safe to open the door.

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DVR Camera

Flexible, indoor or outdoor long life battery DVR camera. Fully wire-free, it enables the user to effortlessly and seamlessly place it anywhere without any hassles of dealing with cables. Full DVR functionality allows the user to view, record, and retrieve footage from inside or outside of your home.

Wireless Contact Sensor

Use as a Door/window sensor, contact sensor, wherever you need to monitor an opening. Wireless and very compact you can use to create simple alerts when a door or window has been opened.

Wireless Motion Sensor

Our wireless motion sensors detect movement in a selected area of​​your smart connected home and can send you an alert, activate a siren, or turn other connected devices, such as lights, on or off based on movement or lack of movement.

Wireless Smoke Sensor

Smart, wireless, ultra-low power, photoelectric smoke alarm. Added to a connected smart home it triggers and sounds when smoke is detected aswell as creating an alert on our consumer application.

Smart RGB Bulbs

Take remote control of your lighting with our smart RGB bulbs. From our consumer application it allows homeowners to choose from a variety of colours when setting up their lighting according to their mood.

Smart Plug

Smart Plug allows a homeowner to power on or off any device remotely or as part of a pre-set Scene. Forgot to turn off your lights or devices in your smart connected home? Our smart plug allows you to control your smart home from your smartphone using our consumer application.

Solar Power Panel

Outdoor, waterproof IPX6 solar panel for use with outdoor DVR camera. Continuous charging with just a few hours of sunlight avoids ever running out of battery.

Android TV

The very best Internet based TV streaming solution, our Android TV allows you to access web-based and multi-media content from your TV, all while managing the connectivity and security of your home.