What are Whole-Home Mesh Wifi Systems?

Constant advances in technology have allowed humans to step into whole new worlds and ease our lives with conveniences such as Wifi — wireless technology used to connect various devices such as laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc., to the internet at a simple tap. Nowadays, Wifi is a necessity, and our entire professional and domestic life revolves around the internet.

However, traditional Wifi, despite its facilities, does not come without complications. You’ve probably experienced issues such as slow/no access in certain rooms, fluctuations in the speed, or devices suddenly being unable to connect to Wifi, despite being fine before. These are some of the most common Wifi problems. Luckily, Mesh technology and Wifi, also known as a whole-home Wifi system, is specifically created to tackle such issues.

What is Mesh Wifi?

Mesh Wifi or whole-home Wifi systems target dead spots in the area and provide uninterrupted Wifi access throughout your home or office. Mesh Wifi systems consist of one (or more) main router that connects directly to your modem and other devices such as nodes or satellite modules placed around the house/office to increase Wifi coverage and improve any fluctuations you might face.

Unlike traditional Wifi routers, Mesh Wifi systems consist of a single wireless network with the same SSID and password.

How does a Mesh Wifi system work?

Mesh technology targets the weakened or Wifi dead spots that could arise as a result of:

  • Physical barriers and obstructions such as floors, doors and walls.
  • Distance: the traditional router placed in the living room simply can not reach the bedrooms, kitchen or garage.
  • Interference from other devices such as microwaves, cordless phones, or any Bluetooth devices.

You might be thinking: why not use a Wifi extender instead? Well, a Mesh Wifi system is easier to set up and doesn’t require numerous network names. Mesh Wifi systems consist of two or more router-like devices that work together and blanket your house in Wifi. Additionally, mesh technology ensures stronger and better Wifi connection while roaming from room to room.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to set up a Mesh Wifi system. Each comes with simple steps and an accompanying app that displays each Mesh Wifi unit. The app facilitates the consumer at all times and is very handy, especially whenever you need to manage your network.

Typically, if you were to set up a Mesh Wifi system, you will be provided with two or more Mesh Wifi units. While setting them up, you don’t have to worry about the distance between each unit since they are designed to catch the signal from the previous one automatically. For example, the second unit catches the signal from the first, the third from the second, and so on. Thus, it creates a much broader range, targets dead spots and, quite literally, blankets the home in Wifi.

Every Mesh Wifi unit transmits its own separate Wifi network, similar to traditional Wifi extenders. However, with Mesh Wifi, you won’t find yourself switching between units according to your location — devices switch automatically. Each Mesh Wifi unit communicates with the other one and transmits signals to your device to ensure strong Wifi signals and an uninterrupted and fast connection.

Key features of Mesh Wifi

  • Parental Controls
    As a parent, monitoring your child while they surf through the internet is crucial. Taking precautionary measures and ensuring your whole-home Mesh Wifi system has parental controls in place is necessary.
  • Security Hub
    Look out for ideal features such as lightweight DPI to detect and block malicious home network traffic, ensuring a safer connection for you and the people around you.
  • Easy Management
    The ideal whole-home Wifi system usually comes along with an app from which users can regulate and manage passwords, networks, usage restrictions and much more. More importantly, you can use this app to help set up guest networks to keep your primary Wifi network safe from intrusion.

Mesh Wifi: the Pros and Cons


1. With a Mesh Wifi system, faults and fluctuations are a rare occurrence. And here’s why. If any errors arise in one node or unit, the remaining are not affected, and Wifi signals and speed will run smoothly. Although the unit/node’s particular region will be affected, Mesh Wifi works to restore the service automatically or manually.

2. With the usage of intelligent routers, whole-home Mesh Wifi systems are self-organizing, and the setup is as easy as it can get. Also, Mesh Wifi units/nodes do not require periodic maintenance.

3. Managing becomes super convenient with Mesh Wifi systems. With a few taps and swipes on the accompanying app downloaded onto your phone, you are able to customize the Wifi system and setup according to your needs.


1. Unfortunately, as great as a whole-home Mesh Wifi system is, it is definitely much more expensive than what it would cost to use traditional Wifi extenders. However, setting up various Wifi extenders around the house and diving deep into router settings is a large task and mainly for tech-savvy individuals.

2. Purchasing a Mesh Wifi system with all your required features is a difficult job. Many Mesh systems do not have all the advanced features that most traditional routers offer. Luckily, with the increasing releases of new Mesh Wifi routers every day, it is safe to say that you can definitely find one that is perfect for you and your requirements. Keep on reading to learn about the best mesh wifi routers of 2022 and compare prices to help you make your purchase.

Best Mesh Wifi Routers 2022

With Mesh technology increasing in popularity day by day, we now have a variety of Mesh Wifi routers to choose from. So, how do you ensure that you’ve made the best purchase? We’ve compiled the top four Mesh Wifi Routers in 2022 so far along with their key features to narrow it down for you.

Nest Wifi – Google

-Easy setup

-a second-gen follow-up that adds in faster internet speed

-Google Assistant smart speakers

-two-piece setup: enough signal strength at around 5,800 sq ft.

-lack of Wifi 6 support.

Aero Pro 6 – Amazon

-three-piece setup: value for money

-two range-extending satellites

-tri-band mesh router

-Wifi 6 supported

Netgear Orbi AX6000 – Netgear Orbi

-full support for Wifi 6

-includes second 5GHz band: backhaul connection for the router and satellites

-fastest internet speeds

X-Brain – Xunison

-full support for Wifi 6

-works with Z-Wave, ZigBee, BLE and Wifi devices

-supports Android Open Source (AOSP) and Google ATV for over-the-top (OTT) content delivery

-optional category 1/4/6/12 LTE with carrier aggregation support

-energy management features

-includes parental controls