Xunison app

The support you need

No two homes are the same so why should our app be?

Customise your Xunison app on mobile and smart TV to reflect your tailored package ensuring complete and secure control of all smart devices, energy consumption, parental controls, security and more. Gain full sight of how you use your home and create a more efficient and safe space with this easy-to-use interface.

Manage it all in one place

Management platform

End user management for an entire household eco system in one simple application

Smart home device wizard

Easy to set up Wi-Fi, mesh, devices, accessories and more

Xunison capture

Integrated indoor and outdoor DVR security software

Categorise by room

Create room scenes and automations

Check device usage

As the cost of living becomes a growing concern, the Xunison app monitors energy consumption data and individual usage optimising households efficiency

Smart connected home control

Connect every device in your household seamlessly with 360-degree Wi-Fi mesh, robust cyber security and parental controls all through our easy-to-use app.


The ultimate life hack, enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home and loved ones are protected and your world runs a little more smoothly leaving time for what really matters.

Xunison capture

Xunison Capture is Xunison’s Digital Video Recorder (DVR) product that can be deployed in conjunction with X-CPEM.

Our DVR software integrates outdoor, indoor and doorbell cameras, allowing customers secure and easy access to security camera recordings and  live streaming from their handset, personal computer and Android TV while also providing alerts for activation triggers such as when the doorbell is pressed.


Video, and configuration access are available via the our Android and iOS mobile apps, providing the households with a seamless user experience for Router, Smart Home and DVR administration.