Online Shopping

wireless internet setup

BriteStore™ gives you prime digital real estate to promote your own products and services, as well as partner and retail offerings.

With mobile, web, and TV interfaces available, you now have multiple
touch points to increase customer engagement and develop new revenue streams.

BriteStore™ on mobile

on mobile


Promote smart home add-ons like Wi-Fi satellites, smart plugs, cameras, sensors, and more.

Smart Scenes

Pre-set scenes automatically prompt for the right accessories and direct users to purchase.

One-Stop Shopping

Convenient online purchase or centralized billing for broadband and smart home solutions.

BriteStore available on smart phone

BriteStore™ Benefits


BriteStore can be linked to service provider’s e-commerce engine or other payment systems.


Include your own branding and layout to create a unique shopping experience.


Add third-party sellers and retail brands to generate advertising income or transactional revenue.