Imagine your dream home setup exactly the way you want, completely personalized to your very own lifestyle,

As you wake, the blinds slowly rise, letting in the natural morning sunlight, your favorite music starts, you’re getting out of bed, and the room is already warmed up…

This is just one of the scenarios you can enjoy with the X-Brain device

Development of innovative product X-Brain elevated a way of life to a whole new level. It increased significantly your safety, comfort and home efficiency. Now, you can connect the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you.

Any device in your home that uses electricity can be put on your home network and under your command. Whether you give that command by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone, your home answers it.

When you’re not home, little doubts can start to crawl through your mind. Did I turn the stove off? Did I set the security alarm? Are the kids doing their homework or surfing the Internet?

With a smart home, you can put aside all of these worries with a quick glance at your smartphone or tablet…

When you’re returning from work, with just a few clicks on your phone you can set the mood in the dining area, configuring the lighting and climate to your liking.

At night just after you tucked yourself in bed you put your house to sleep too. The interior lights dim, the heating system goes into low gear, security system becomes alert, and blinds and curtains close throughout the house.

For remote monitoring and control of home appliances, you’ll only need access to the Internet. Modern systems generally consist of switches and sensors connected to a central hub which controls the system through a user interface.  Managing is simple and easy, which is especially important for children, the elderly and people with limited mobility

X-Brain has a built-in router for long range. Forget about losing signal in your house and cover every single corner of your home with strong Wifi. X-Brain has a Dual Band WiFi antennas and provides best possible experience.

Besides comfort, with an intelligent control system will save a lot of money, because it contributes to energy savings and up to 30 percent. Home appliances, which are major consumers, automatically turn on during off-peak hours, and heating can be regulated in each room separately.

Video surveillance offers peace and stability. With X-Brain smart device you can see at any time what’s happening in your home or yard, wherever you are, via your mobile phone or computer.

Surveillance cameras see what you can not see and activate recording as soon as they detect movement.

Forgetfulness is no longer a problem, in case you left some device turned on, or you forgot to close the door, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone. This way you’ll be protected against fire, flooding, gas leaks, burglaries, and other accidents

So when you have X-Brain smart home, this means that your small home appliances, systems for heating and cooling systems, smoke detectors, motion sensors, lamps, alarms, etc., are all connected in a unique home network. And what’s best, all of this can be controlled through an application on the mobile phone.

Take advantage of all the benefits offered by X-Brain smart device. Protect yourself and your family from burglary, fire, and flood, save energy, and really enjoy your free time. Provide a strong Wi-Fi signal for the entire home and give yourself the best home theater. Raise your home’s IQ, Let it become smart!

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