Smart Garden

Make your Garden Smart this Summer!

Set the mood and make the most of the good weather relaxing with friends and family.

Some people focus only on the interior of the house, but if you seek harmony, you should not neglect its exterior. The ideal garden is the one that is designed to be a place for enjoyment and relaxation.

You wanted to give your home a peaceful oasis where it is easy to enjoy and relax? With X-Brain smart devices, everything becomes easier and possible

Smart lighting

The use of smart technology in the yard (garden) is primarily related to the automation of the lighting.

Smart lighting has so rich and powerful options that it will certainly bring your creative side to the surface. Whether you have a grassy or landscape garden, lighting is the right way to spend the most pleasant moments outdoors. Several pieces of external lighting and heaters for terraces can make your social gatherings last longer when it gets chilly and dark in the evening. Garden lighting will make your yard the most beautiful in the neighborhood. With a simple voice command or by clicking the button, you can shut down or turn on all the lamps and set them to go on/off in a certain time interval. In addition, you can name each bulb individually, and issue commands only for her. This leaves you with a myriad of options to play around with lighting in your yard.

With the help of X-Brain device and smart scene control, you’ll be able to fully automate your lighting and thereby save electric energy.

For example- The lighting can automatically go on / off according to sunrise/sunset.

Also, you can create a “party scene” and with just one click you’ll turn on some music, turn on the RGB lights, change their color, dim the lights and make an unforgettable atmosphere.

By combining intelligent control of garden lamps, spotlights, light bulbs, etc… You will create a magical night lighting that will give your home a distinctive and striking appearance.

 Smart sprinklers

The special benefit is automatic sprinklers for the garden. If you have a garden or lawn, you know how watering or irrigation can be complicated. You can now water certain areas in a given period of time without concern that the whole yard will get too watered or muddy. With the help of smart scene X-Brain devices will be able to automate your sprinklers to work for a certain period, be shut down when it rains, it gets dark, or the temperature falls below the set value. You will no longer have to bother about watering, and water consumption will be limited.

Smart fan system

Cooling of indoor and outdoor space is no longer a problem. The smart fan system provides the ability to detect if there is someone nearby, which means that it will not work in vain if the yard is empty, but will turn on as soon as someone comes. In addition to motion detection, the fan also monitors temperature and humidity and adjusts the speed accordingly to make your stay in the most comfortable possible.

 If you find it difficult to control each smart system separately, X-Brain is the ideal solution for you. The X-Brain is an all-in-one device which will facilitate your former way of life and give you a carefree and easy life. It combines all smart devices in one unit and controls them. Using the application you can control all smart devices via a mobile phone, tablet, TV – with a single click.

X-Brain smart hub is compatible with Z-Wave, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices.

Besides allowing you to switch on and off any home device, whenever you want, no matter where you are, you can also achieve additional energy savings, by allowing the X-Brain to automatically take control over some devices. For example, if you let the X-Brain  take care of the heating or air conditioning, this smart device will consider the electricity tariff and determinate when to turn them on or off, ensuring no energy is wasted.

X-Brain is a home automation hub that communicates with: all smart devices in your home or office, Door and Window Sensors, Motion Sensors, Surveillance Cameras… It’s the home automation controllera central unit of smart home automation, alarm systems, cyber-security and I IoT. X-Brain connects the devices and appliances in premises so they can communicate with each other and with the user.

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