Smart RGB Bulb

Choose from a variety of colors according to your mood

Xunison Smart RGB Bulb

Product Introduction

Smart RGB bulbs allow homeowners to choose from a variety of colors when setting up their lighting according to their mood.

Xunison smart Wi-Fi RGB LED bulbs make it easy to dim, adjust, and change the color of light depending on your mood. No additional equipment or switches are required. Just change the lighting with an app or voice device.

Smart Lights Smarter Controls

Use the BriteKey App, powered by Xunison, to create custom scenes, set schedules, and control multiple bulbs at once—even if you’re away from home.

Set lighting to your schedule

Schedule lights to turn on and off at convenient times to save energy and never come home to a dark house again. Help automate the lights to wake up, get home from work, or fall asleep-the possibilities are endless. Set up an automatic lighting plan for your home that suits your lifestyle.

Smart RGB Bulb 4
Smart RGB Bulb 3

Why Choose Smart Lighting

In modern homes with all-day WiFi, smart lights are a must if you want to move from simple and convenient products to smart products. Smart lights also give you more control over your lighting. Unlike traditional lighting, which can’t be changed much, WiFi lighting products offer a much wider range of customization options. You can change the color and brightness to find the right lighting for your mood. All can be done with one smart light.


  • Smart LED Bulb
  • App & Voice Control
  • Timers and schedules
  • Adjustable and dimmable