Smart Alarm

Emits a loud noise when triggered by other sensors such as gas, movement, smoke

Xunison Siren Alarm

Product Introduction

One of the smart home solutions that Xunison offers is this Siren Alarm. This alarm emits a loud noise when triggered by other sensors such as gas, movement, smoke, etc. Yup, peace of mind for some of the largest household threats.

Equip your home with advanced smart home security features at a fraction of the cost of your competitors. Our WiFi siren alarm is triggered when set in the BriteKey smart home mobile app. You can use this alarm in combination with other smart home devices to trigger notifications and send them to your phone.

Stand-alone siren alarms

You might want to install the siren alarm system as your first or only home security product. Siren alarms can be a very effective deterrent, but it is advisable to incorporate home alarms into a more comprehensive home security system. However, when starting with a home siren alarm, make sure you are effectively promoting your property’s sirens. 

The outdoor security sticker is a great way to do this as it warns potential intruders that there is an alarm system in your home. The last thing an intruder wants to do is sound like a loud and obvious siren alarm.

Siren Alarm 2
Siren Alarm 1

Benefits of Siren Alarm

  • While app notifications/alerts and your voice assistant can keep you informed of every day, non-critical conditions or events, sirens are ideal for emergency events and important need immediate attention.
  • Portable: may be placed anywhere in your home or wall-mounted.
  • Quick and easy configuration, without the need for a Hub, with WiFi IEEE 802.11n / g / b protocol, 2.4Ghz frequency.
  • Siren alarms: affordable, effective home security products.