X-Brain advantages

The Advantages of having X-Brain device during holiday season

Going on holiday does not excite only those who travel, your absence also excites buglers means who are met with a golden opportunity to break in! During the summer months, from June to September, the number of apartments broken into doubles compared to other months of the year, summer time becomes a “hunting season” for thieves.

This may lead you to wonder: “How to protect your apartment or house from thieves so you can go on vacation worry free?”

The X-Brain is your solution.  Thanks to the modern technology you’ll be able to secure your home and reduce stress while traveling. X-Brain smart device offers complete solutions for your apartment, house or business premises. With just one push of a button you’ll be able to manage your home: Change the light and heat environment, manage household appliances, or control advanced security systems. At any time, X-Brain works for you. It does not matter whether you are at home or miles away from it.

As if you are at home

Burglars have their methods of picking the targets. They usually target homes that have closed windows, blinds, and turned off lights for certain period of time, which indicates that no one is there… With the X-Brain smart device you’ll have a presence simulation feature when no one is in the house. This feature activates and deactivates lighting, lifts and lowers blinds, etc., at a given time in order to make the impression that someone is there…

Maximum security at home 
With just a few clicks of a button, wherever you are, you can access the security cameras in your home, get the information about the current status of all the devices in your home and control any of these devices. The whole system is connected to the Internet so that user can remotely access the system and control all devices as if he’s at home, which guarantees high level of security. X-Brain will bring the security of your home to the next level.
Remote control of home devices

Now you can check if you have left the lights on, who is at your front door, or to check the status of any home device while on the road.

Your house will become smart by using a device such as an X-Brain who will take care of various devices, household appliances, as well as air conditioning, lighting and security system. With this device other than making your life easier, you can achieve energy savings, because you’ll be using it more efficiently…

The connection of all home devices and systems into one network is a major step forward regarding the process of managing your house. A single device can make our lives easier and more comfortable.

More on the X-Brain device you may read here: https://business.xunison.com/all-devices/

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