Would you like to have the ability to control all your devices without any hassle all from one device?

Do you need a device that will allow you to manage your alarm system and your entire home with just one touch?

Do you want to have a smart device to whom you can entrust keeping your house safe? Want to know at any time what’s going on in there?

Do you have a clever solution for this?

Well, we do. And it’s called the X-Brain smart device.

X-Brain represents the latest smart home technology

Here’s the deal

X-Brain is like one very responsible person who will supervise and take care of your smart home, while you spend your time carefree at work, traveling or enjoying beautiful moments with your friends. For example, X-Brain will send you a message that you left the door open when you left the house and will allow you to close it with the voice command.


X-brain is a central unit of smart home automation, alarm systems, cyber-security and I IoT. It can easily be operated via an app on your mobile phone, with a single touch or via voice command “Ask Alexa “.

X-Brain is a home automation hub that communicates with: all smart devices in your home or office, Door and Window Sensors, Motion Sensors, Surveillance Cameras… It’s the home automation controller.

It comes with a built-in wireless router that covers each corner of your house and garden with a strong signal. It has a large capacity that allows it to connect and support a large number of devices and users.

It also includes Firewall so that cybersecurity is at the highest level. So rest assured that this smart product will monitor, protect and secure your cyberspace.

X-Brain is a smart home security system that communicates with other devices via, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. With the X-Brain Smart Hub app, managing your automated home is more convenient, easier and faster

This home automation device will be able (based on the Scheduling / Automation System) to schedule the actions of your smart devices, making your smart home more vibrant.

This gives you the opportunity to tell him to create a romantic atmosphere, and it will dim the lights, lower the blinds and play some soft music. For other occasions, you can select different smart scenes according to your preference.

That’s not all

X-brain smart manager will take care of your finances. By using X-Brain energy management, you will control the largest energy consumers in the house such as heating, cooling, lighting and various household appliances. Energy management feature will give you a complete insight into their energy consumption on your screen.

Make smart decisions for your future and enjoy. It’s time to level up!