The X-Brain is designed to fit nicely into any home. This is an ideal combination of style, simplicity and modern technology. The device comes in black or white color to compliment most interior design. It is considered that the white color is the color of perfection, designers use it very often to emphasize simplicity and clarity. Black is the complete opposite of white. Symbolizes authority, power, strength and elegance above all.

Because of the user’s convenience and savings, the X-Brain smart device has found its way to a large number of homes throughout the world. Managing this is easy, regardless of whether it comes to heating, lighting, blinds, video surveillance, and home appliances. Whether it is done inside the house premises or from a remote location.
With these systems you’re at home, wherever you are

Management is done by phone, tablet, remote controller or with your voice. However you decide to do the control, it takes just a few clicks to get what you want.

X-Brain is here to meet all your requirements and to facilitate you every day. This device is innovative and easy to use – for all generations

The users have immediately confirmed the quality and value of this smart device, as well as many companies from around the world with whom Xunison achieved ideal collaboration. X-Brain smart device will increase the value and security of your home, make it more comfortable for a cozier life, and economical use of energy will reduce your bills
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