Are you ready for change? Do you want to change your life and make it simpler? We strive to make the most of every day. You have probably realized by now that life is quite complicated if you do not establish some kind of control and routine. Nowadays is pretty hard to take care of home, work, engage with friends and family, and besides all that, to find time for yourself? Sounds really impossible! We will assure you that it is possible. With the use of one single device, you can keep your entire home under control, and also make your life easier I better. X-Brain is all in one device. This device will help you make every day easier, and it will take charge of all home devices. Over the X-Brain you will control all your home devices that are connected to it. In addition, you can control the whole house with a single click, by phone, tablets or remote control, from the comfort of your bed.

Here is an example. It’s nighttime, you are finished with work for today and you deserve a rest. The only thing you need at this point is to relax in your bed with a good movie or TV series. Well, just imagine this scenario –  the blinds go down by themselves, the light dims, the room temperature is set and maintained at your preferred temperature (eg. 22 ° C) ,  and your ‘home video “turns on. Pure pleasure, right? You don’t have to imagine this anymore, now all of this is really possible with the X-Brain smart device.

We are aware that we cannot run away from the daily duties, but let’s try to simplify them. X-Brain will be your discreet servant who will manage your home, and you will have more time for other daily activities and socializing with the family and friends. The bigger the house, the bigger the responsibility. With more electrical devices in the house, comes larger energy consumption, and hence bigger bills to pay. X-Brain has a solution for this problem, as you will achieve great savings with the help of this device. You will have an insight on consumption of each device separately, and the opportunity to control the consumption of all devices in your home. X-Brain will make sure that you are completely carefree in your home.  You will monitor the inside and the outside of your house over the cameras. In case that unwanted visitor approaches your home, external sensors will detect it, outdoor lighting will turn on, system is going to drop all the blinds to protect you, will activate the alarm and notify you over the phone. 

The advantage of X-Brain smart home is that it ensures the safety of the residents, saves energy, and controls all devices in the home.
The secret to success and happiness is to simplify your life, and the X-Brain will help you with that. Don’t let your everyday chores steal all your time and energy. With the X-Brain smart device you will be more satisfied with your home and fully enjoy in it. Make smart changes in your life which will give you surplus of freedom.


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