The time has come for your home to become ”smart”. For all those who are still having second thoughts, let us give you some examples of how X-Brain smart device can make your home smarter. Many everyday activities in the house become easier thanks to the X-Brain smart device. You’ll have the power to monitor, control, secure and customize your living space according to your wishes and needs. Control the lights, appliances and other elements of your home using your phone, tablet or remote controller. Wherever you are, you will always keep your home in the palm of your hand.

Controlling your home from any location offers many advantages, especially for families with small children and elderly family members. While you are away, you can remotely manage the functions of the smart home, such as turning on / off the heating, adjusting the temperature in the house, turning on / off the lights, keep track of every situation in your house through the cameras etc.

X-Brain smart house can enable you the faster performance of certain tasks, reduce costs, and contribute to significant energy savings in the home.

Adjusting the lighting as you wish, for example- the number of light bulbs that are used at given time, and the moment when they go on and off. Moving the blinds up and down, or turning on/off the oven, washing machine, dishwasher…. These are just a few small details of what X-Brain can actually do.

If you are away from home for a while, on a business trip or vacation, X-Brain gives you the ability to switch on the heating or cooling and set the desired temperature, so it would be adequate by the time you arrive – all of this via Internet (over the phone, tablet…).

The system primarily controls air conditioning, heating and electrical devices. Also it takes care of the safety measures and alarm systems and thus increases the security of your home.


We are absolutely sure that the X-Brain will become your home’s best friend.
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