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Irish company Xunison will cooperate with ioeX and will do a PRE-SALE of X-Brain in the Taiwan and Korean Markets.

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Xunison is a software and hardware based company. Xunison has developed an all in one platform for the telecom to manage, diagnose and control their customers smart home devices, cyber security, streaming and energy management remotely by using the X-Brain.

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ioeX is based on the distribution of smart device that create a distributed network which can improve data security and convey commercial value. Its network works with a custom-built duo-chain (public + consortium chain) based on blockchain technology to create a comprehensive ecosystem.

Cooperation between the two companies has been described as a global partnership with a goal to bring innovation in the IT world and to keep the leading position on the smart technology market.Users in the Asia-Pacific market will have the opportunity among the first ones to purchase the X-Brain device at a special price.



The X-Brain is an All-in-One device for smart home containing:

1) SMART HOME HUB – Control your Smart Home  (Alarms | Lighting | Heating | Cooling | Cameras  |  Locks | Switches | Curtains | Doors…)

2) CYBER SECURITY – Protect home from hackers (Bank Level Encryption | Cyber Security | Firewall | Antivirus | Anti-malware…) 

3) PARENTAL CONTROL – Protect your kids from Cyber Bullying and inappropriate content (Internet Blocking | Internet Time Limiting | Social Supervision | Time Supervision | Web Supervision | Web Blocking)

4) BUILT-IN ROUTER – Improve your Internet Performances (Dual-Band WIFI | Long range Router with through wall feature | Internet Traffic Prioritization | WIFI Modes | Guest WIFI option.) 

5) ENERGY MANAGEMENT – Save money on your Energy Bills (Real-time energy consumption | Remote control the status (turn on/off) of the electronics | decrease the energy wastes | increase the energy efficiency.)



PRESALE will start on 01/06/2019 and it will last for 30 days.

Get yourself and your family the X-Brain device for a special price of $229


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