What exactly are cyber attacks, and how can we protect ourselves?

Cyber attacks are (simply saying), an attack on digital systems of users, and they have a stunning growth trend all over the world. The attacks have increased dramatically in recent years, especially when it comes to obstructing the entire organizations and stealing from individuals connected to the Internet

.The types of hacker attacks in cyberspace are divided into DDoS attacks and viruses…Cyber attacks have been declared the third most dangerous act that can greatly harm the human race and mankind in general. As the world gets increasingly digitalized, people become greater targets than machines for cyber criminals. According to recent research, by the year 2022 , 6 billion people will be exposed to potential cyber attacks. In the era of the Internet and new technology, it’s imposed that we must deal with various kinds of cyber threats, risks, and attacks.

In order to secure our computer, the information contained in it, and everything we do when using the internet, it is necessary to take certain preventive measures.

Therefore cyber-protection has become the need of every internet user. This is important especially for companies, as they are far more exposed to the dangers of cyber crime than individuals are. No one can know the exact moment when he will be attacked, but there are steps you can undertake and thus minimize this possibility.

X-Brain smart device has a very important role when it comes to defense against cyber attacks.

The internet is a powerful and useful tool, but at the same time, you shouldn’t  “fly solo” as it has become a real “minefield”. We offer you the ideal solution- the X-brain smart device. X-Brain contains cyber security that will protect your network and prevent the various kinds of cyber attacks. With its advanced options, this device provides its users with full security and safety on the Internet.


X-Brain security will shield you from harmful contents on the internet, hackers, viruses, explicit contents and online fraud. It will turn your surfing on the internet into a real entertainment.


All devices inside your home that are connected to X-brain network will be completely safe and you will be able to control them yourselves. X-brain contains a parental control that has the option of restricting the internet for a certain period of time, content filter and much more…


Stay protected in the era when cyber criminal has become so sophisticated. Use the X-brain to Outsmart cyber criminals who have become quite savvy in their attempts to lure people in their traps.

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