Have you always wanted to feel relaxed while drinking coffee and gossiping with your best friend, instead of worrying about what the kids are doing at home? How many times have your washing machine or dishwasher prevented you to go to the neighbors to drink a coffee, because you have to wait the washer to finish and to turn it off. With the X-Brain, all your daily obligations and habits change. You become carefree and you get extra free time to socialize and relax. X-Brain will control your entire home and you will monitor every part of your home via your mobile phone. With just one click you’ll be able to switch on and off devices that are connected to the X-Brain smart device.

 You can monitor what your kids are doing while you’re absent, as well as to talk to them if necessary. This device will not only turn your house into a smart home, but will make you feel completely independent and free of all the obligations and housework that . In addition to making your life easier, you can achieve significant energy savings because all devices in the home will be used in a more efficient way, which helps saving money.

This device will introduce harmony into your family home, and to live in a family where there is harmony and love, that is something precious. X-Brain will beautify your home, make it safer and more functional for life. With the help of this device you will achieve a more stable relationship with the members of your family, and will be satisfied and happy to go out and come back to your smart home.

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