Take a sneak peek at the X-Brain smart home

It’s easy to see the convenience of modern technology, but how does “smart home” technology save you time, money and in general makes your life a lot easier? We’ll take a closer look at the X-Brain smart home and you’ll see exactly how.

It represents a real modern family house that will give others the impression that you have a lot of style. X-Brain smart device is the mastermind of the entire home. He enables that the whole house responds to your commands and turns an ordinary home into a smart home.

This smart home is easy to maintain and manage, because you can control the lights, heating, alarm, air conditioning, etc… by using a remote control or a mobile app on your phone. It will turn the management of electrical appliances into a game, without the need for instructions or a manual.

Wherever you are, your apartment (house) will follow all your orders! The X-Brain will provide access to all the devices that you own in your home. Make some time for your daily activities and socializing with friends and family, and leave all your housework to the X-Brain smart device. He executes all the orders from its user, from the simple ones (to turn on the lights, raise the blinds), to more complex scenarios and special requests.

X-Brain Smart Scenes

With the help of X-Brain smart device you can create a so-called “smart scenes”, so for example- “Back home scene” can ensure that you find all the rooms optimally heated, lights on, your favorite music playing, and any other function you want to add. You can also create the “Out of home scene”,  “Good morning scene” or scenes that you want while you are in the yard, garden or in the garage. Example- “Goodnight scene” can automatically turn off the lights, lock the doors, close the blinds and reduce the heating.

The essence is that the X-Brain smart house adapts to the habits of its owner, and allows them to feel safe, but also to achieve significant energy savings. With X-Brain you can be sure that you have made an excellent decision for you, your family and your home.

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