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Ensure your child’s online safety with our advanced parental control software. Monitor and restrict access to inappropriate content.
The digital age has transformed every aspect of our lives, including parenting. Children are referred to as ‘digital narratives’ and are growing up in a world where screen time is not just recreational but an integral part of their education, communication and even their social interactions.

While this digital immersion opens a world of possibilities, it is essential we strike a balance between giving children the freedom to explore and learn while protecting them from online risks and potential dangers.

Parental Control Tools

That’s where parental control tools come in, and Xunison is an excellent choice for parents who want to safeguard their children’s digital experiences. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of parental control and how Xunison can help you achieve peace of mind.

Screen Time Management:

With Xunison, you can conveniently establish daily or weekly screen time limits for each child and for each device, effectively preventing excessive use and encouraging healthier digital habits. Moreover, you have the option to schedule automatic pauses in internet access during essential periods such as homework and bedtime. Our user-friendly app provides comprehensive reports showing duration of time spent by each device, per day and per sessions, available for review over the last 7, 14 and even 30 days.

Safe Surfing:

Xunison provider parents with the ability to filter content that is appropriate for their children’s age and maturity. This feature lets parents’ control what their children can access on the internet safeguarding them from harmful or inappropriate content. End users can monitor web activity within their home, from the current day to the entire previous 30 days. Options to bar websites and applications that are deemed inappropriate.


Xunison prioritizes digital security. Our built-in cyber security features offer malware detection and prevention, protecting your home’s network and the devices connected to it. This ensures your child’s online activities are not only age-appropriate but also secure from digital threats.

Parental Alerts:

Xunison understands that parents cannot monitor their children’s activities all the time. One of the standout features that sets Xunison apart is its Parental Alerts. These alerts are part of the Xunison Suite, designed to assist in creating a safe and productive digital environment for their children.

Energy Management:

Xunison also enables parents to demonstrate responsible digital usage by optimizing energy consumption in the household. With our energy management features it allows parents to monitor and control the power usage of devices, fostering a more sustainable digital environment.

Parenting in the digital age involves adapting to new technologies and leveraging them to our advantage. By making use of tools like Xunison, parents can guide their children to make smarter digital decisions. It is about striking a balance, teaching the value of technology, its responsible usage, and ensuring safety in this increasing digital world.

To find out more about our advanced Parental Control features visit www.xunison.com.

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